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(Export / Import)

Various "Export / Import Shipping Services" including customs clearance are available for selection at AUTOHUB.
It is very convenient because you can select a service for each vehicle according to your needs.

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D2D Package

D2D service (DOOR-2-DOOR service) is a convenient and reliable service that provides your business with all procedures from the ports of Japan to the overseas buyer in one package, at one price. It is a Door to Door service for you convenience.(For New Zealand and Australia)

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This is currently under revision

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Inland Transport

We will do domestic land transportation of vehicles purchased and sold by customers.
You can order from HUBNET at any time (24 hours a day).

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Car & Shipping Information

You can check the pictures of the vehicle you ordered, shipping status etc.

You can search vehicle information and ship schedule on Line App if you become a friend of Autohub Line official account.

Overseas Documents Courier

For vehicles that use our service, ""overseas document shipping service"" can be used after shipment of the vehicle.We will ship all the necessary documents at our company and ship to foreign buyers.

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Recall Repair

Ordering dealers for repair, Transportation between yard and dealer and Checking the repair done.

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Auction Vehicle Check

We will preview the exhibition car at the auction site on behalf of the customer.
Orders can be made from HUBNET 3 days before auction held.
Preliminary results will be reported from the current car by telephone.

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Photography /
Condition Check

Full Order Photo Shots available
Condition Check (good for export inpection)

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Repair / EasyWork /

We can organise Repair / Export Inspection / Recall Repair Arrangement for shipping smoothly.
Maintenance / Cleaning

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Document Storage

All documents will be stored in PDF for 7 years on the customer page: HUBNET. We have developed it so that you can easily browse and download it.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.