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Customers Voices

We would like to receive your frank opinions and lead to further improvement of service so that all of our customers will be satisfied.
Therefore, we would like to thank you for conducting the questionnaire survey this time and for giving us a lot of valuable opinions.
We will report the results of the questionnaire and the main opinions.

More than expected
(Excellent & Good) 82% 

More than expected
(Excellent & Good) 85% 

More than expected
(Excellent & Good) 91% 

More than expected
(Excellent & Good) 90% 

More than expected
(Excellent & Good) 87% 

Yes 96% 

Many clients considers it is convenient photography,
domestic land transportation, and marine insurance. 56% 

We would like to introduce
what kind of optional service they are satisfied with.


We will take detailed photos of the condition of the vehicle to HUBNET.

We could solve these problems!

  • You could not confirm condition because auction provides a few pictures.
  • You want to highligh the condition of the vehicle to the local customers.
  • You want to check the condition of the vehicle before exporting just for in case.
Smart plan pictures

For choosing smart plan (NZ / AUS). It will take some pictures.

Light plan pictures

For choosing light plam (besides NZ / AUS). It will take some pictures.

Premium plan pictures

For choosing premium plam (besodes NZ / AUS). It can reflect your prefer angle, volume or other request.

For details, click here

Land transportation service

We could transport vehicles from auction house to our yard.
In addition, we will also handle pick-up from other location.

For details, click here

Easy Work

What is light work? What kind of works we do?
We could work according to your request!

For example …


What kind of repairing we do?
We could repair it according to your request!

For example …

  • Sheet metal painting
  • Replacement of summer tires
  • Tire recombination
  • Audio and navigation installation
  • Adjusting height
  • Exterior painting
  • Battery replacement and replenishment
  • Radiator replacement
  • Tail and rear bumper replacement
  • Undercarriage cleaning for Canada
  • Oil leak repair
  • Cooling water leak repair
  • Tail lamp and headlamp replacement
  • Immovable vehicle repair
For details, click here

Introduction of HUBNET

We would liketo introduce HUBNET because it is bery usefu.
Many of our customers are satisfied with it.

If you have a computer or mobile phone, you can order and manage your vehicle anytime, anywhere!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.