Here are some frequently asked
questions about our services.

Common questions

What does AUTOHUB do?

A company that comprehensively provides import and export logistics services mostly on used cars.

What is a logistics service?

We will transport/ship/deliver used cars and goods from point A to point B as requested by customers.
In doing so, we perform complicated, specialized and physical work on behalf of customers.

What kind of service is it specifically?

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What are the benefits of using AUTOHUB?

The biggest advantage of our customers is that they can throw everything.
The best service, low price, speed, and amount of information provided.

Do I receive frequent emails when I register as a member?

Mainly notices of consecutive holidays and service changes are less than once a week.
If the situation in other countries changes significantly, we will notify you more frequently.
You can easily request that you do not need to send.
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Are the prices high?

Price range is common.
Once you use it, you can think that it is a service that is more than the price.
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When will I need to pay the fees?

Service charge: (Private and New customers) Pay each time
Service charge: (Companies) Pay monthly on the 20th of the following month.
Freights : Pay each time.

Why are there so many services? Can‘t choose what to use.

This is because we have increased the services we have been requested. We are with the spirit of " We will try! ".
It will continue to increase in the future.
Our sales staff will listen to your wishes and propose appropriate services.

How much would it cost if I left everything to AUTOHUB?

It costs about 15,000 to 30,000 yen for a passenger car (freight and inland transport are not included).
If your vehicle does not meet the requirements for passing the shipping / export inspection, repair costs may be incurred.

Why are there so many yards? Can‘t choose where to use.

We choose yards depending on locations, prices, and destination countries.
We are preparing for the time of busy seasons. Yards tend to be suddenly full.
Our sales staff will listen to your wishes and guide you to the appropriate yard.

I would like to use a yard other yard.

You can use it.
It is also possible to use only document preparation and other services.

Unfamiliar with
export / import

Is it easy to export a used car?

It‘s not difficult if there are supports. Our sales staff will support you.
For customer who is interested in export/import business , we offer paid consulting.

I don‘t understand the trade words, is that okay?

It‘s okay. The person in charge of you will support you kindly and friendly.
If you are interested of business words, We will explain from FOB, CIF/C&F.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.