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Stress-Free for Used Car Exports.Stress-Free for Used Car Exports.
car_icon ship_icon トラックで中古車を陸送します 陸送手配からヤードでの検査、船積まで 陸送手配からヤードでの検査、船積まで 陸送手配からヤードでの検査、船積まで 陸送手配からヤードでの検査、船積まで 陸送手配からヤードでの検査、船積まで 現地のコンサイニーまでお届けします 現地のコンサイニーまでお届けします 現地のコンサイニーまでお届けします 現地のコンサイニーまでお届けします 現地のコンサイニーまでお届けします 現地のコンサイニー top_hubnet_moji_en top_hubnet_moji_768_en top_hubnet_moji_300_en top_recruit_moji_en top_recruit_moji_768_en top_recruit_moji_300_en HUBNETで車両のステータス・写真・船積書類・各種サービスのご依頼が可能です。 HUBNETで車両のステータス・写真・船積書類・各種サービスのご依頼が可能です。 top_recruit_img top_recruit_img_300 wood_check_right wood_check_left hitsuji_01 hitsuji_02

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Stress-Free for Used Car Exports.

中古車輸出でワンストップサービスを実現 中古車輸出でワンストップサービスを実現

One-Stop Service
for exporting cars
is realized.

Providing customs clearance and all other services for export / import in all Japan major ports. We combine multipul logistics ways, Car Carrier Truck, RORO / Container Vessels, and Inland / Overseas Couriers.

ニュージーランド / オーストラリア向けのD2Dパッケージサービス ニュージーランド / オーストラリア向けのD2Dパッケージサービス

D2D Package service
for New Zealand / Australia

After arriving these ports, Autohub NZ/AUS will take care of your cars with one price and package service. Shipping charges in Japan will also be a special price.

災害保険・海上保険が充実 災害保険・海上保険が充実

Free marine insurance included

Marine insurance, which normally costs about ¥4,000 per car, is included with AUTOHUB's shipping service (we have a special contract with an insurance company). Please ask our staff for more details.

輸出書類作成の重要性 輸出書類作成の重要性

Importance of preparing
Export Documents

Document preparation is absolutely important for cross-country trade. Ofcause no mistakes even 1 character of words, we are particular about speed and advice to our customers. All documents will be stored in PDF for 7 years on the customer page: HUBNET. We have developed it so that you can easily browse and download it.

船腹ブッキングの力 船腹ブッキングの力

The power of
ship space booking

During the high season, ships is temporarily full, but with the cooperation of our long-time partners, we will do our utmost to get space with the motto "Never drop!" In case we cannot get it, we do not dare to contract with a single shipping company, but we usually deal with all shipping companies.


Yes, we will try ! 「やってみます!」

Based on the spirit of that we "FORWARD TOGETHER" with customers.
We have various overseas sales support services that go beyond the realm of logistics.
We promise that our services will truly satisfy customers.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.