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JEVIC * Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (inspection organization)

Based on the certification of the high standard ISO / IEC (ISO / IEC 17020) by the inspection agency, based on the policy of providing the highest quality and the best service, an independent agency specializing in shipping preliminary inspection and various certificates is.

BAOK Corporation (operated auction)

We are delivering the best auction environment with the most advanced efficiency, functionality and comfort.The environment where we can carefully select cars and be able to make a bid quickly is sticking to quality, pursuing quick response, and auction experts We will respond to your request reliably. Holding an auction every Wednesday


Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited (MARINE INSURANCE)

Vero is a leading provider of insurance products and services to New Zealanders. We pride ourselves on the recognition and awards we have received from industry peers and independent bodies in both the insurance industry and the wider business community as we strive to be a World Class provider of general insurance.

Blackbird Finance Ltd. (FINANCE)

From time-to-time, additional funds are required to grow or improve a business. As a specialist lender to New Zealand businesses, Blackbird Finance can help you achieve these goals. Our team of lenders are highly experienced in their field, and business lending is all we do. That’s the way we like it.