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Assessment Inspection Training Service


Course content

We are able assist you in raising the necessary assessment details for sales and purchasing.

   The purpose/objective

  • Improve your inspecting power by yourself at the auction site and raise the purchasing capacity
  • Raising assessment ability improves product knowledge and smooth negotiation ⇒ creditworthiness UP
  • If you discover a vehicle with repair history at the time of purchase (purchase) and eliminate oversight, it will prevent profit loss
  • Minimize risk by dual checking of purchased vehicles
  • Evaluation and inspection training can also be carried out to business owners exporting used cars (inspection according to the exported country is possible)

 School February (2 hours) - Training time (2 hours)

Course content

  • Basic knowledge of vehicle inspection
  • Frame part (vehicle structure skeleton)
  • Basic knowledge of screw-fastened exterior panel replacement history
  • What is repair history (explanation of repair history)

Teaching materials that describe repair history cars

Remember the frame name with a paper craft (identification of structural skeleton)

 Actual vehicle (4 to 5 hours)

Course content

  • Basic knowledge of repair history vehicles
  • Understanding the inspection procedure
  • Replacement history of weld stop skin panel Basic knowledge (Knowledge of replacement history for welded skin panels)
  • Distortion of vehicle structural frame and removal/exchanges of parts

Points of the course

Learning the knowledge for purchasing
① Distribution of used cars About used car industry and secondary distribution
② Second-hand car market You actually learn the place where the market of the used car is born and learn
③ What is the repair history Learning how to distinguish basic knowledge and repair history cars and opinions
④ Vehicle Training I will go through iterative training until I can conduct a lecture by actual vehicle assessment and understand

Hosting requirements    How to apply
Lecture days 1 day (please inquire about the schedule)
Time 10: 00 ~ 16: 00 (planned)
School Meeting: 2 hours
Real car: 4 hours to 5 hours
Location Our company affiliated yard or the company AA venue
(Please contact us for the details of the venue)
Price ¥12,000+TAX
    Such an effect can be expected when receiving an assessment examination workshop

  • It is possible to respond to the assessment of purchase and trade-in of customers who visited suddenly
  • You can understand the state of repair history car purchased at auction site (you can understand the name of the part etc)
  • Can be taught to the staff inside the company
  • By thoroughly conducting preliminary inspection of the car to be purchased, the creditworthiness is up and it leads to securing fixed customers
  • We will tell you the points of assessment tailored for secondhand car exporters
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